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purchased a good quality mattress from Mattress One in Ft.Myers. they couldnt give me a time when delivery would be, just it will be on Thursday sometime. when the truck arrived, (unmarked) two Hispanic guys bring the frame, box springs and mattress in and set it up. they are speaking Spanish all the time, very little English. we gave them a $20.00 tip and they asked if they could have the oranges that were on the floor around the tree in the yard, we told them they could even have them off the tree as we dont eat them. so they loaded up.

after a couple of weeks we noticed the bed kept moving away from the wall on one side. after trying to find out why we noticed the corner of one box spring was destroyed. metal sticking out and broken wood. it had obviously been dropped on the corner. the two guys knew this but still installed it and dint say anything which really pissed me off after giving them a tip and all those oranges. the reason the bed kept coming away from the wall was that the two locking castors were on one side only.

we went to the store and they ordered a new box spring. when they delivered it, my wife asked them to turn the mattress while it was off, they said they couldnt as it must go with the tag at the bottom, she also asked them to move one castor the the opposite side, which they did, but it was diagonal, it should have gone to the head board like the one on the other side. so I did it when I got home.

after 2 months my wife noticed that she kept rolling slose to the edge of the bed, we checked the bed and both sides where we sleep had deep indentations, the middle was still firm the sides had collapsed. so we went back to the store, we were told to take pictures and send them to the guy in the stores phone. after a week we went back to the store, the guy told us someone would come to take a look at the mattress the following Tuesday, could not give us a time. we waited till late afternoon and called the store, we were told they will be there for sure, so we waited but nobody showed. so we went back to the store, the guy was surprised that nobody came he said he would look into it. after a week went go back to the store again, we were told we had to complete a warranty form on line and send it in with the pictures. so we complied. after several days we received an e-mail, the claim was denied because there were not enough supports under the bed. (we had purchased everything, including the frame from Mattress one) so we went back to the store again, the original guy we had purchased the from was at the store, the guy we were dealing with had been fired. so we go over everything with the original sales guy, he told us that we had put 4 supports instead of 6 thats why they denied the claim. so i said, they had the invoice couldnt they see we had made a mistake, they know what we had purchased. he said they see 4 supports and just deny the claim. so we were told to send another warranty form in. which we did. after another conversation with the original sales guy he told us he would take care of it. we were told that a new mattress would be delivered next Tuesday. the day before the delivery we received a call asking for $79.95 for a delivery fee or they wouldnt deliver the new mattress, we complained but it didnt make a difference, no payment no mattress. so we paid the fee. hopefully, the new mattress will be delivered tomorrow, stay tuned. but dont hold your breath.

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